Milton Romero
  Welcome Polk Panthers to Coach Romero's Physical Education class.  Old Time Football Player.png
A lot of activities are planned for all of our students.  This is my thirteenth year at Hibbard G. Polk teaching P.E.  I also coach football at the Pride of the Westside Coronado High School.
  I was born and raised in Canutillo, Texas still live there too.  Canutillo High School is where I graduated from and proud of it.  The University of Texas at El Paso is where I received my Bachelor's of Health Science with a minor in Education back in 2001.  Every year I try to attend P.E. conventions or coaching conventions to further and enhance my education.  I want to wish everybody Happy Holidays and enjoy the winter break.
  Please call the office to schedule a time to meet with me.  My prep is at 2:30-3:15 or e-mail me at
  The Eyes of Texas are upon you kids Dream Big and Work Hard.