5B Dominica Lastra-Gailey

Welcome Fifth Grade Panthers!
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 I hope everyone has had a wonderful and restful summer. Our energy levels will need to be on full blast for the amazing and busy school year up ahead. I am looking forward to meeting each and everyone of you. I know your curious minds must be burning with questions as to what I will be like and what my class will be like. To answer a few questions, I am a native El Pasoan who has always had a passion for teaching. I am a graduate of UTEP, and I continue to learn endless amounts of information alongside my students.

I am English portion of the dual language for fifth grade which includes 5B and 5E. As a fifth grade team we will be trying to be more green this year and use technology as opposed to printing papers to send home. Please check our pages often for updates and important information. Feel free to send me an email with any questions and/or concerns at dlastra@episd.org

Conference Times: Monday, Wednesday-Friday 1:00-1:45Classroom Birthday Party