Seeds of Change Grant

Seeds of Change Grant
Posted on 04/04/2016
ole garden
PTA just applied to the SEEDS OF CHANGE Grant in order to continue beautifying the garden area of the Outdoor Learning Environment (OLE!) Program.  If we get enough votes through their website, we will be one of 25 applicants that move on to be judged by Seeds of Change.
Please go to the link below and type in "Polk".  Then hit "VOTE"!  It's that easy!!!

​Benefits of having a school garden:
Teachers have higher appreciation for their place of work
Children's self esteem and character improves because of collaborative work
Academic achievement improves around 6-10% in schools with gardens vs. no gardens
A garden is a "perfect" model for active learning because of the hands-on sensorial experience
Children learn about sustainability and acquire life skills 
Children learn, understand, and appreciate the food to table process
Families working on gardens tend to make healthier food choices
Families have moderate physical activity (exercise) when working on a garden
People who work on gardens tend to increase their health and life-span
Children learn biology, ecology, science, math, and art skills by observing and studying their school gardens
(google "fibonacci sequence" to learn about math patterns in plants)
Thank you!
Polk PTA